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How to Navigate Ayoa Chat on iOS and Android

Ayoa Chat is a great way to discuss Task Boards and send tasks directly to your teammates. There is your own space to write notes and keep track of the tasks that you have been sent and you have sent other people, helping you manage your workload.

Searching in Ayoa Chat

All your Ayoa Chat groups and conversations are stored in Chat, accessible through the main menu.

Here you can see the Chat name and the beginning of the last message sent. You can create new Chats from this section and also search for existing Chats. Choose to sort this list by either recent or alphabetical order using the drop-down to the right-hand side.

Click on the blue + circle to create a new chat - to read further on how to do this, click here.

To find a specific Chat, simply scroll through or or use the search bar to locate chats using name or email address

Ayoa Chat- Your Space.

Your avatar is situated at the top of the Chat tab. By clicking on your avatar, you will open up your space.

In this section, you will also have 3 tabs: notes, tasks you’ve received and tasks you’ve sent to others.

The notes section provides space for you to draft messages or put down ideas. These will not be seen by anyone else but yourself.

In the Tasks received and Tasks sent tabs you will see all the tasks you have received and sent. You can read more how these tabs work here.