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iMindMap, iMindMap Cloud & iMindMap Freedom

Support for all iMindMap versions ended in January 2023.

 Support for all iMindMap versions ended in January 2023. We won't be doing any further updates or maintenance and we will no longer be able to provide technical support.

Important dates:

12th July 2022 - no new files can be uploaded to iMindMap Cloud

30th December 2022 - iMindMap Cloud service will be shutdown

January 2023 - all iMindMap support comes to an end

October 2023- iMindMap servers will be turned off

As stated on your End User License agreement 1.1 


"OpenGenius will provide technical support to Registered Users for a minimum of 12 months following the purchase of the License and as per the stipulated Support Conditions"


You may wish to take this opportunity to check out our innovative mind mapping tool at Ayoa.com , complete with real-time collaboration, artificial intelligence, project management and more. We provide a free version of Ayoa with unlimited mind maps, including the option to import iMindMap files.  If you are moving to Ayoa and wish to import your mind maps, please click here for a guide on importing maps created in iMindMap.


iMindMap 11


Our user guides for our legacy app, iMindMap are available below.


To download the iMindMap 11 Manual please click here


To view the YouTube tutorials please click here


iMindMap Kids - Now Ayoa MindMaps Kids


Creativity is in abundance at a young age and learning should be with you for life. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that iMindMap Kids is now back as Ayoa MindMaps for Kids - instilling creativity into learning from very start. 


To download the iMindMap Kids Manual please click here


To view the YouTube tutorials please click here

iMindMap Cloud and Mobile

The iMindMap iPhone and iPad app was removed from the app store in May 2022. 

iMindMap Cloud (Freedom) was removed from sale on June 21st 2021. We will be withdrawing support for iMindMap Cloud/ Freedom after June 21st 2022.


If you enjoyed being able to access your mind maps on multiple devices, with Ayoa this is a default feature. No manual transferring of maps to different devices is required thanks to constant syncing taking place across Ayoa’s apps  through just one login.