Inserting Youtube videos- Whiteboards

Do you have a YouTube video that you want to share with your team? Add it to the Whiteboard so that you can play it without leaving Ayoa.


Adding a YouTube video to your whiteboard.

1. Open the whiteboard.

2. Click on the attachments option on the side toolbar.

3. Paste your YouTube link in "Enter link here" and press Enter on your keyboard.

4. Drag and drop the video onto the white board canvas. Until you drag and drop it will not be added to the whiteboard. Navigating away from the Whiteboard before you have dragged the video onto the whiteboard will mean it's no longer available. 

6. You can increase and decrease the size of the video using the blue arrows.

7. The video can be played when on the whiteboard.

Deleting YouTube video from whiteboard.

1. Click at the bottom right corner of the video to bring 3 dot menu.

2. Click "Delete".

3. This will remove the video from the whiteboard