Mind Map and Whiteboard Navigation settings

Do you prefer to create branches or draw shapes using your mouse or your track pad? To ensure that the mind maps and whiteboards are reactive to the way that you are working, you can choose your settings.


Update the Mind Map Navigation settings. 

1. Open any mind map or white board.

2. Click on the board options menu icon in the top right hand corner.

3. A drop-down menu will open.

4. Near the bottom of the menu click "Navigation settings".

5. This will open your navigation settings. 

6. If you use a mouse to navigate Ayoa, leave the mouse option tickets. 

Use the scroller on your mouse to zoom in and out.

Click and drag on the canvas to navigate around the board.

7. If you don't have a mouse or prefer using the trackpad, select trackpad.

Use two fingers dragging horizontal to pan. 

Pinch in and out to Zoom.

8. Your choice will automatically be applied to all existing boards and new boards. 

* Depending on your Mac OS your gestures may already be set to "Swipe between pages" for a two-finger swipe which will override your settings in Ayoa. If you find that "two-finger swipe to pan" isn't working as expected, check your Mac preferences and turn "Swipe between pages" off.