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Mind Map Links on Android, iPhone & iPad

Using Mind Maps links, you can easily share your maps with others, even specific branches.

To Share a Map Link:

Open up a Mind Map.

View of the opened map.


Go to the Map settings by selecting the 3 dot menu in the top right-hand corner.

The 3-dot icon.


Then chose 'Copy Mind Map link' from the drop-down link. A web-link for that map will be added to your clipboard. You could then paste that link through a messenger service, email, or even onto the branch of a different mind map. 

The 3-dot menu with options.

Copy Branch Links:

Tap on a branch and open the menu by tapping on the 3 dots. 

Clicking on the branch to open the toolbar.


Tap 'Copy' to copy the branch to your clipboard. You can now paste that link to share it.

The 3-dot tab with different options.