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Mind Map Links

Using Mind Maps links, you can easily share your maps with others and locate sections of mind maps within Ayoa. You can also 'link' branches together from different mind maps, allowing you to quickly re-visit branches that relate to each other.

To Share a Map Link:

1. Open a recent mind map from the home page, or browse all your mind maps in 'All Boards'.

View of the opened mind map.


2. Once the mind map is open, click on 'Share'.

The Share button.

3. From within the Share menu, click on 'Copy Board link' at the bottom. 

The Copy Board Link button.

4. This will then be copied to your clipboard for you to paste elsewhere.


Copy Branch Links:

1. Right-click on a branch to open the context menu.

Opening the context menu on the branch.

2.Click on 'Copy branch link'.

Selecting the copy branch link option.

3. You can then paste this link elsewhere. The link will direct you to that specific branch on the map. 

Adding Links to Branches:

1. Right-click on a branch to open the context menu.

The context menu is opened on the branch.


2. Go to 'Add' and then 'Mind map links'.

Opening the context menu with selected Add section and Mind map links option.


3. Once you click on Mind Map Links, you will have a new window with the 'Add' option.

Window for adding Mind Map links.

4. Click 'Add', then choose a mind map and a specific branch to link. 

Adding link using Select a Mind Map option.


5. Once selected, click 'Add'.

Window with selected map and branch to add a link.


6. You will then see the name of the map and branch you have chosen in the options.

Window with the link to the chosen branch.

7. Click on the arrow next to the name and you will be redirected to the branch on that map.