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Mind Map Speed styles iOS and Android

Change the style of your speed map between Ayoa's 6 distinct speed mapping styles.

Speed maps have 6 different styles: Default, Box Map, Direction Map, Line Map, Gradient Map and Dyslexia View.

You can also, change Speed style to Organic. 

To change to Organic map:

1.Tap on the 3 dot menu then choose 'Mind Map Settings'.

Tap the three dots menu and open the mind map settings

2. In the settings choose 'Switch to Organic View'.

Choose switch to organic view


3. Your map will now be changed to a Organic Map. 

An organic Ayoa mind map

To change to a Speed Map

1. Tap on the 3 dot menu then choose 'Mind Map Settings'.

Open the mind map settings by tapping the three dots menu

2. In the settings choose 'Switch to Speed View'.

In mind map settings, choose switch to speed view

3.  Once you have selected 'Speed View' you will have a section called 'Speed Map Style'.

Click on the black arrow next to the style to open the drop-down menu with the 6 map styles.

Then click on the chosen style.

Define a mind map style


4.  Once selected, your map will change to reflect the new style you have chosen. 

Box Map:

A box mind map in Ayoa


Direction Map:

Ayoa's direction mind map style


Line Map:

Ayoa's minimalist line map style


Gradient Map:

Ayoa's colourful gradient mind map style


Dyslexia Map:

Ayoa's dyslexia mind map stye: perfect for neurodivergent individuals


Default Map:

Ayoa's default mind map style.