Mind Maps Live Share

Invite people on the mind map to a Live share, you can virtually walk them through the mind map and expand on ideas. Used in conjunction with a video call or Ayoa chat, it's a great way to facilitate virtual meetings when working remotely. 


Turning on Live Share

1. Open your mind map.

View of the opened map.


2. Click on the display options.

The 3-dot display settings icon.


3. Click on 'Live Share' and switch it from off to on.

Display options with highlighted Live Share setting.

4. This will start the Live Share, automatically inviting everyone in that mind map.

Green live share description shown in the top right corner of the app.

Delivering a Live Share

Once you have your Live Share up, you will control what the followers of that Live share are looking at on the Mind Map.

Click on a branch to move everyone's view to that branch. 

Showing the selected branch.


Use Live Share in combination with Auto-focus and the collapse tool to hide the branches you don't want to discuss.

Selected branch with collapsed child branches.

You can view who is following the Live share by clicking on the eye icon.

Window showing active and inactive user during live share.


To end the Live Share click 'Stop Live Share'.

Window showing number of users in the live  share and stop option.


Following a Live Share

When you are invited to a live share. you will receive a notification. Click on the notification to open the mind map.

Invite to the live share.


When you open the mind map, click 'Follow' to follow the Live share. 

Option to follow live share


The person leading the live share will now be able to dictate which section of the map your screen focuses on.


To stop viewing the live share, click 'Stop Following'.

Window with number of users in the live and and Stop Following option.