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Converting branches into mind maps

With this option, you can convert your chosen branches into mind maps, which break down your mind map into smaller and more relevant mind maps that are easy to access.

This option shows a preview of the mind map that was created from the branch.


Converting a branch to a mind map

1. Open your chosen mind map.

View of the chosen mind map


2. Right-click on the branch that you would like to convert into the mind map.

Context menu for the give branch


3. Select the option Convert to mind map.

Selected the convert yo mind map option.


4. There will be shown information that the child branches of the selected branch will be permanently moved to the new mind map, and this action cannot be undone.

Confirmation that branch will be converted to mind map.


5. Select Convert and the preview of the new mind map will be shown.

The preview of the converted branch.


6. To access the mind map, hover over the preview image and select Open Mind Map.

View of the preview with the Open mind map option.

Each child map will be also a mind map on its own and shown on the home page.


7. The new mind map will be opened, and in the top left corner, you will have the Back to the mind map option.

Selected back to mind map option.



Any attachment, notes, or tasks on the branch that is being converted into a mind map, will be still shown on the main mind map.

Any attachments, notes, or tasks on the child branches connected to the branch that is being converted, will be moved to the new mind map.


Removing the mind map from the branch 

If needed, you can disconnect the converted mind map from the given branch so it will no longer be linked to the given branch.


1. Right-click on the branch with the preview of the mind map.

 The context menu of the mind map preview


2. Select the Remove mind map option.

The context menu with selected Remove mind map option


3. The mind map will be removed and only an original branch will be shown.

Mind map being removed from the branch.