Moving Segments

It's easy and quick to move your segments around your Radial Map. Learn how in the guide below.

Moving Segments- Drag and Drop

1. First, click on the segment you wish to move.

Selecting segment.


2. Then click, hold and drag the segment to the where you want to place it. Always drag the segment between the two segments where you would like to add it until you can see it slot into place. 

Dragging and dropping segment between two other segments.

3. Release the mouse to add it to its new location.

View of the relocated segment.

Moving Segments- Cut and Paste

If your map is quite large, you may prefer to copy and paste your segments.  You can either use the short cuts Ctrl and X ( Mac- Command and X) to cut and Ctrl and V ( Mac- Command and V) to paste the segment or use the formatting options as explained below.

1. Click on the segment you want to cut and paste elsewhere.

View of the selected segment.


2. Then right-click to open the context menu.

Opening context menu for a given segment.

3.  In this tab, click on Cut.

The cut option.

4. To paste the segment, click on the segment that you would like to be the new parent branch, then right-click again to open the context menu.

Context menu opened on the segment to which new segments will be paste.

5. In the pop-up box, select Paste.

The paste option.

6. The segment will be added as a child segment after that parent segment.

View of the pasted segment.