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Mute Task Notifications

You have the choice to receive or not receive notifications about each task within a Task Board. This allows you to turn off notifications for the task you created for someone else, or monitor a task someone else is working on. 

To mute task:

1. As the creator of a task, you will receive automatic notifications as the task gets updated - even if it has been reassigned to someone else. This helps you to keep track of its progress and stay in the loop. However, with the 'Mute Notifications' feature, you have the ability to switch these notifications off. To turn off notifications for a task, select the task you wish to unfollow.

Task board with task info section shown.


2. Once you click on the task, the task sidebar will open.

The task's More tab


3. To unfollow a task that you're following, click "Mute Notifications". Once you have muted the task, you will stop receiving notifications on any changes that take place to that task.

The mute notifications option.


4. If you would like to receive update notifications for a particular task, simply select a task and then select the tick button beside 'Notify me'.

The notify me option.