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Outline panel

The Outline panel shows a list of all your branches, allowing you to edit, locate and improve your work in the Mind Map views. With the Outline, you can easily go through the content of your mind maps and your ideas in one place.

Outline panel 

1. To access the Outline panel, please open your chosen mind map.

View of the mind map.

2. In the top right corner of the app, please click on the outline icon.

Outline button selected.

3. There will be opened a side panel with an outline where you can see all branches when scrolling. Once you click on the branch in the outline panel, the same branch will be shown on the mind map.

Outline shown in the side panel with scrolling option


4. You can edit the branch in the outline panel by clicking on the pen icon. Once the text is updated, press Enter.

Editing name of the branch using pen icon next to the branch.


5. To move branches, simply drag and drop a branch in the chosen position.

Moving branches in the outline panel using drag and drop option.