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Outlook Calendar sync

Sync your Task Boards to your Outlook Calendar to view your tasks scheduled as events.

Syncing a Task Board with Outlook Calendar

1. To enable Outlook Calendar sync, go to Menu and choose Integrations

Choose integrations in the menu.


2. You will be redirected to the Integrations page, where you can select the Outlook Calendar option and select Task Boards to sync. 

Task board list for outlook calendar integration.


3. Choose which Task Board you would like to sync to your Outlook Calendar by clicking Enable sync.

Task board selected.


4. A prompt will appear asking you to connect Ayoa to Outlook Calendar. Select Connect with Outlook Calendar.

Connect to outlook calendar option


5. Once you do this, you'll receive a confirmation message. A calendar for the Task Board will now be added to My Calendars in your Outlook Calendar, and all of your tasks which have start and due dates assigned to them will appear here so everything is ready for you to manage in one place.

View of the Outlook Calendar with the Ayoa tasks.


6. Don't forget that you can also drag and drop your tasks in Outlook Calendar to reschedule them, which will then be automatically updated within Ayoa.

Moving tasks in Outlook calendar.


Removing a Task Board Sync from your Outlook Calendar

If you delete a task on your Outlook Calendar this will automatically be updated in Ayoa, deleting the task from your Task Board. If you no longer wish to see your Task Board on Outlook Calendar, but want to keep the Task Board in Ayoa you can un-sync it in your integration options.


1. Go to Menu and choose Integrations

Menu with selected Integrations button.


2. This will show you a list of different integration options. Click on the Outlook Calendar icon.

Outlook Calendar button selected.


3. This will show you a list of all your Task Boards. The Task Boards that are currently being synced to your Outlook Calendar will have a red button with the option Disable sync.

List of task boards with enable and disable sync buttons.


4. To disable the sync to and from your Outlook Calendar, click Disable sync.


5. Once the process has begun you will see a progress wheel.


6. Once the Task Board has been unsynced from the calendar, the icon will change to blue with the option to Enable sync.