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Public Share Mind Maps

If you have clients or stakeholders you want to collaborate with, but they don't have an Ayoa account you can use the public mind map share feature.


People who don't have an Ayoa account will just need to enter a username, then they will be able to interact with the map with the option to add comments, vote and add branches. 

This feature is currently only available on the web app. 

Turning on Public Share

1. Open the mind map that you wish to publicly share.

View of the chosen mind map.

2. Click on Share on the top toolbar.

Click on Share on the top toolbar. 

If mind map has member, their avatars will be shown.

 Share options with members avatars

3. Click on Make Public at the bottom of the menu, this will open the public share options.

View of the options under Make Public.


4. You will now have the options to choose what the public user permissions are. Turn the options you want to enable on.

Setting all options in the Make Public section to on.


5. To protect your map you can set a password. Remember to share the password with those you are sharing the map with. If you forget the password, just enter a new password, and click Save to change it to something else.

Setting a password for the public share.


6. Click on Copy Board link for a unique web-link to share with others.

Copy board link button.


7. When someone without an Ayoa account clicks on the link, if you've set up a password, they will need to enter it.

Window with request for the password.


8. They will then have the option to enter in a public username. This will help the owner of the Mind Map view who's contributed different ideas or left comments. 

Entering user's name to access map


9. Once they've chosen a public username, they will be able to interact with the mind map. 

Mind map in the shared view.


Turning off Public Share

1. To turn off Public Share, open the Share menu.

Selecting Share option within the map.


2. Click Make Private. Anyone with a link to the mind map will no longer be able to access it unless they have been invited a member of that mind map.

In the Share options unclicking the Make Public setting.