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Re-Setting Your Password on iOS and Android

Re-set your password on iOS and Android quickly and easily with this simple guide.

To Re-Set your Password

1. If you have forgotten your password simply tap on the Forgotten Password tab on the sign in screen.

Login page with Forgotten password selected.

2. You will then be directed to another page. Simply re-enter your Email that is linked with your Ayoa Account.

The forgotten password page with the box for the email.

3. Once you have entered your email address into the box, tap Submit. Then you will be sent an email containing a password reset code, which you should enter into the app.

Page with the box to enter the verification code.

4. Once you confirm the reset code, you can set a new password for the app.

Login page for settings new password.

Changing your Password

1. If you would like to change your password, go to the Menu side panel and tap on your avatar.

Menu with selected user's avatar.

2. Once you have been directed to Account Management, select Account Settings.

Settings with the Account Settings option selected.


3. The Profile account will be opened, where you can choose the 3-line menu to have more options.

Profile view with selected 3-line button.


4. As the next step, choose the Security section.

Account Settings with Security section selected.


5. You will be asked for your Current Password and then to enter the New Password of your choice.

Section when the current and new password can be entered.

6. Once your new Password has been entered, hit Save to complete the process.