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Repeating Tasks

Save time creating identical tasks that appear regularly in your schedule by setting their status to repeat per Day, Week, Month or Year.

To set a repeating task:

1. Click on the task you would like to edit.

Task info opened.


2. Click on 'Due Date' within the Task details to set a repeating status to your Task.

Due date section with the Set due date option.


3. Once you've clicked on 'Due Date,' you'll have the choice to select a date from the calendar for when you'd like your Task to repeat.

Selecting date.


4. By clicking on the drop-down menu situated under 'Repeats Every,' your choices to repeat are as follows: Never, Day(s), Weekday(s) Week(s), Month(s) and Year(s).

Selecting repeat option.

5. Once selected, click 'Set Due Date' to apply your changes to the Task. The schedule of your Task will appear under the Due Date within the Task sidebar.

Due date shown with the repeat option on.


6. When your task is completed, it will reappear in your schedule on the date that you set it to repeat. The Due Date of your Task will continue to change according to the frequency you have set.

Task box shown with the start and due date.