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Searching for Tasks iOS and Android

Quickly search for tasks so you can find what you need, when you need it in Ayoa.

Searching for Tasks Android If you have a large number of tasks and need to find one quickly, you can search for tasks from across all Task Boards, by the task title and the task description.

To Search For a Task:

1. To search for a task, go to the Home page and then Menu, the 3 dots situated at the top right hand corner of the screen.

Menu icon selected.


2 This will open a side panel, where the Search option is located.

Menu with selected search option.

3. The results of your search will appear with all matching terms shown in the results list. If a term is found in the task title then it is determined as more relevant, than if a term is found in the task description, so it will appear higher in the list. If a term is found in both the task title and the task description then this will be determined as the most relevant so will appear at the top of the list.

Search results for tasks connected to word Social.


4. The search feature is an exact match search, meaning if you search for a term with more than one word, all words need to appear for results to show up. If you type a letter into the search box, every word that includes that letter will appear.

Search results for any tasks that include the letter p.

5. If you search for a task that has been completed, it will be identified as 'Completed' by a Strike-through across the task name.

Search result for word post showing completed task.