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Searching for Tasks, Branches and Whiteboard Elements

Quickly search for key items from across all the boards, by the title.

To Search For a Task, Branch or Whiteboard element:

1. To search for an item, select the magnifying glass in the main tool bar. Once open, selected, type in the keywords that you would like to search.

Search box opened.


2. The results of your search will appear with all matching terms shown in the results list

The search feature is an exact match search, meaning if you search for a term with more than one word, all words need to appear for results to show up.

Search window with results for word Meeting.

3. If you are searching from the home page, you will see the option to choose between task, branch and whiteboard elements search results. This search will cover all of the branches, tasks  and whiteboard elements across all your mind maps and Boards.

tasks option selected for search.


4. If you search for a task that has been completed, it will be identified as Completed by a strike-through line over the task name.

Tasks with crossed title.


5. When you use the search bar from within a Task Board, Whiteboards or a Mind Map, you will have the option to view the search results within that space or Everywhere.

Search result for word media in the particular board.


6. When you click on Everywhere you will see search results.

Search result for word media across all boards.