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Sketch an image- Mind Maps

Learn how to add a sketch to your Mind Map with this simple guide.

There are plenty of options to add creative images to your Mind Map, if you can't find the perfect image why not draw it using the sketch tool? The sketch tool opens up a simple and easy drawing space where you can sketch out your ideas and then attach that sketch to your branch as an image.

Creating a new Sketch

1. Right-click on the branch you would like to add a sketch to open the context menu.

Context menu for branch.

2. Click on Add and then Comments.

Comments selected in the context menu.


3. At the bottom of the comment window, click the attachment icon.

Selecting on the attachment icon.


4. Choose Sketch from the menu.

Menu with different attachment options and Sketch.


5. This will open up a new canvas to create your sketch.

Window for the sketch option.

There are a variety of tools available:


Paintbrush tool can be selected by clicking on the icon below.

Paint brush icon.

This opens up the paintbrush toolbar.

A scale with the pen thickness.


Choose the colour of the paintbrush by clicking on the black box.

Selecting black box to view more colour options.

You can change the width of paintbrush strokes by dragging the bar up to make it thicker, or down to make it thinner.

A scale with adjusted thickness of the line.

To draw on the canvas, simply hold and drag.
Drag and draw


Text Tool

You can add text to the sketch by clicking on this icon.

Icon with the letter T


This opens the text toolbox where you can choose the colour, font and size of the text.
The text options.


Click anywhere on the canvas to create a text box, type to add the text.Green text.


Click on the text to open the bounding box to increase or decrease the size of the text. You can also drag and drop the text around the canvas.
Green text turned to the right.



There is also the option to add shapes to the canvas.

Icons with shapes, selected square.


Click on the square, circle or triangle to open up the toolbox for that shape.

The shape options.


Click and drag on the canvas to draw and create the shape in the size that you want. Use the toolbox to change the colours, outline covers and the width of the outline colour. 

Selecting circle to make change to the shape.



To draw an arrow use this icon.

The arrow icon.


This will open the toolbox.

The arrow options.


You can choose whether your arrow has a head or not by clicking between the icons below.

Adjusting arrow using blue slider.


Choose the colour, width and style of the arrow.

Adjusting arrow options.


Drag and release to draw the arrow at the size you want.

View of the adjusted arrow.

To edit an element of the sketch, click on it to bring up these extra options.

The options for editing elements.


This icon sends the element to the back.

Icon with layers with highlighted bottom.


This icon bring the element to the front.

Icon with layers with highlighted top.


This icon deletes the element.

The bin icon.


When this icon is selected, it means you can move the elements around the canvas.

4-arrow icon.


Using these different options, you can re-arrange your shapes and drawings.

Rearranging arrow position.


The layer them to create interesting compositions.

All elements layered on top of each other.


If you need to undo or redo a mistake you can do this using these icons.

Redo and undo arrows.


To add a background colour, click on settings.

Settings button.


In the settings, click on the box next to Background colour.

The file settings.


Choose the colour.

Selecting the background colour.


This applies a background colour.

View of the layered elements with pink backround.


To upload an image file from your device to the canvas click Add.

The Add image icon.


When you are ready to save the image, click Save and Exit.

Save and exit icon.


The sketch will be added as PNG attachment, to save it to the branch, enter a description and click Send.

Adding sketch to the comment.


The sketch will now be added to the comment list as an attachment.

The sketch shown in the comments.


Click on the trash can icon to delete the image from the branch.

Selecting the trash icon to delete the sketch from the comment.