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Whiteboard Sticky Notes- iOS and Android

Sticky notes allow you to capture ideas, comments, and captions on your whiteboard.  Choose from a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to meet the mood of your whiteboard and simply drag, drop and type to quickly share your ideas.


It's easy to adjust the size of your sticky notes; large sticky notes are perfect for summarising and sharing information, whilst small sticky notes make effective notes for quick actions or feedback.

How to create a sticky note on mobile.

1. Tap on the blue plus icon in the bottom right hand sign of the screen.

The plus icon.


2. This will open the menu. Tap on the icon at the top of the menu.

Selecting notes icon from the side toolbar.


3. This will add a new sticky note to the whiteboard. View of the new yellow note.

4.  Double tap on the note to open the editor.Opening note's editor.


5. Double click on 'New note' to type your sticky note content.Typing content on the note.


6. The formatting options appear above the keyboard.Text formatting options.


7. When making formatting changes to the text, ensure you have highlighted it first.Highlighting the text to apply changes.


8. You can change the size of the text, italicise, bold or underline the text.Selecting text size.


9. You can also change the colour of the text.Selecting size colour.


10. Once you are happy with the changes, tap 'done' to close the editor. View of the note with the text.


Changing the formatting of the sticky note.

1. Tap on the note ( don't double tap), to open the toolbar.Tapping on the note to open the toolbar.


2. Tap on the paint brush icon to open the format options.Selecting paint brush icon from the toolbar.


3. Here you can change the shape and color of the sticky note.Selecting shape.


4. Choose the shape and color ( it won't be previewed) then tap the blue tick to confirm.Selecting colour.


5.  The changes will be applied.

View of the formatted note.