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Hi all!

Upcoming product launches will be announced in this topic so you are all kept up to date on our plans! We would love to hear your feedback so do let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Brand new to Ayoa Mind Maps:

Export and Print your Mind Maps!

With our latest update, you're now able to export and print your Mind Maps on the web and desktop app. To find out how to get started, follow our user guide.

With this brand new feature, you'll be able to:

✔   Export a whole Mind Map, a group of branches, or just one branch

✔   Export as a PDF image or a PDF text document

✔   Send to colleagues and friends, even if they don't have an Ayoa account!

✔   Save to your computer for easy access - or even set it as your wallpaper

✔   Print your Mind Maps for safe keeping

✔   Show off your Maps to others by sharing your PDFs on social media

And we have much more coming soon!

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This post states that the export feature is available in the desktop version. The relevant user guide page states that it is NOT available in the desktop application.

I checked the desktop app (Windows): There is no "Export PDF" option under "Mind Map Options"

Never mind my last post.

I checked for updates and received a message that my Windows desktop was up today. Shortly after making the post, I saw an update available notification. :-D 

"Export PDF" is available now. :-) 

Also noticed that I can zoom out a lot more now. Thanks! Much appreciated! :-)

Hi Randy, 

Thank you for your message!

Please could I double check that you have the latest desktop version Ayoa 3.15.0?

If you continue to experience this issue, please let us know via and our support team will be happy to help.



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