To Delete a Branch on your Mind Map:

  1. Click on the branch you want to delete and hit 'Delete' on your keyboard.

  1. If you are deleting a single branch with no children, the branch will be renamed to ‘branch deleted’ and you will have a couple of seconds to click ‘undo’. After those seconds have passed the branch will delete and disappear.

  1. When deleting a branch with child branches, a pop-up window will appear. It will tell you how many child branches it has and whether you would like to delete and keep the children or delete all.

  1. If you delete and choose to keep the children, the child branches will re-attach to the previous parent branch. 

  1. You can also delete branches in the branch editor. To do this, click on the branch you want to delete to open the side panel. Then, click on the 3 dots 'More' icon in the toolbar.

  1. Click delete, located at the bottom of the editor. Again, you will have the option to 'undo' for a couple of seconds if deleting a single branch.

Deleting multiple ideas at once

You can delete multiple ideas at once by using the multi-select feature. To do this:

  1. First select a branch you would like to delete. 

  1. Hover your mouse over another branch and tick the unselected circle next to it. Continue selecting your branches in this way. The selected branches will have tick in each of the circles. Alternatively, hold CMD/CTRL and select your branches with your mouse.

  1. When you use multi-select you will see a new toolbar appear on your screen. Once you have selected all the branches you want to delete, click the trashcan icon in this toolbar. 

  1. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm your decision. Click ‘yes, delete ideas’.