Collapsing branches in your map can help you focus on other areas that are important. This could be useful for presenting your ideas to your team, learning information for exams or simply for tidying up a large map that you have on the go.  

To Collapse Branches in Your Map:

1. First click on the branch you want to collapse the children of.

2. Click the collapse children icon represented by the two arrows. 

3. This will hide any child branches and the number of how many are hidden will be shown on the parent branch.

4. To expand the child branches, simply click this icon again and the child branches will reappear.

5. If you are a fan of a shortcut, collapse and expand branches by hitting Ctrl + left/right arrow.

6. If someone else is working on the same map, at the same time, expanding and collapsing branches, this will not affect your view of the map. 

When you leave the map and open it again later, it will appear as you left it, either collapsed or expanded.

7. To collapse multiple branches at once, select your branches using the multi-select feature. This option is active when Autohide option is On in map's settings. 

8.  Once you have chosen the parent branches you want to collapse, click the collapse icon in the multi-select tool bar.


Toggling Autohide with collapse all of your branches, leaving only the main parent branches visible. 

1. To collapse all of the branches in a maps simultaneously, select the blue, red and yellow icon in top right-hand corner of the screen.

2. From the drop-down, select 'Autohide: OFF'.

3. All child branches will then collapse and become hidden.

4. If a branch has collapsed child branches, again, you will see the number of how many on the parent branch.

5. When using Autohide, to expand individual parent branches, simply click on a parent branch to reveal it's child branches.

6. If a child branch revealed also has child branches of their own, click on it to expand further.

When you click off the branch, they will hide again.

7. To turn this feature off, click the ‘Autohide’ button again.