Relationship arrows allow connections to be made between two ideas that share similarities on your map.

To Create an Arrow:

1. Select the 2 branches using the multi-select tool or hold CMD/CTRL and select your branches. 

2. Choose the relationship icon from the the blue multi-select toolbar that will have appeared on your screen.

3. Your arrow will then be drawn between the two branches you have selected.

To Edit the Relationship Arrow:

1. Click on the arrow to show edit menu for the relationship arrow. 

2. To start editing the style of the relationship arrow, click on the paintbrush icon.

3. You can change the way the arrow looks, by editing its line style and color. Click on the paintbrush icon to try the different styles and colors.

4. Just like a branch, you add comments, notes and attachments to the connection arrow

5. To delete the relationship arrow, click on the relationship arrow then hit "delete" on your keyboard.