Once you've mapped out your ideas either individually or as a team, you can start to organize them into a plan of action. Within the Mind Map view you can create tasks from your branches and start updating them without leaving the mind map. 

With the task bar, quickly drag and drop different branches into your task boards. Create a new task board without leaving your mind map. 

Creating a new task board through the mind map

1. Open the mind map

2. In the bottom left-hand corner, click on "Task bar". This will open the task bar.

3. Click on "Attach Task Board"

4. Click "Create New task board".

5. Name your task board, add a description, and invite anyone you wish to collaborate with. 

6. The task board will now have been created and is added to the task bar.

7. Before you start adding branches, you will need to create a category. Click on the "+" next to "No categories in Task board". Type the name of the category and hit enter to add it to the task board.

8. Click on the branch you would like to add as a task.

9. Click on this icon.

10. You will now see the list of categories that you have created.

11. Click on a category to create a new task from that branch. The task will now show in the category on the task bar.

12. Click on the task to open the side panel. You will now be able to add task details. 

Using the task bar to add branches to existing task boards. 

1. Open the task bar

2. Click on "attach task board"

3. Scroll or search for the task board you want to use.

4. Click on the task board to open it on the task bar.

5. Click on the branch you would like to create a task from

6. Click on the task creation to see the categories.

7. Click on the category to create a task from the branch.