Once you've mapped out your ideas either individually or as a team, you can start to organize them into a plan of action. Within the Mind Map view you can create tasks from your branches, sending them into a Task Board or your Planner, or both! One idea may equal multiple 'to-do's', so you can add as many tasks as you need to a single branch.

How to turn a branch into a task:

1. Click on a branch you want to convert into a task, and click on the '+ tick' icon.

2. The branch editor will open in the task tab and you will see the branch title automatically inserted. Hit Enter on your keyboard 

3. Alternatively, type in a new title for the task and hit Enter when done.

4. To add more detail to your task as you create it, click on the 3 vertical dots to the right-hand side.

5. After typing the task title, you can choose the assignee and either add to your Planner or Task Board.

6. From the assignee drop-down menu, choose a member of your team, yourself, or leave unassigned.

7. Choose to leave your task unplanned, or place into now, next or soon.

8. Next, choose a Task Board to add your task to.

9. Put your task into a category or leave uncategorized. When you are done, click 'Add task'.

10. All of your tasks will appear in a list in the branch editor. On the branch itself, you will see the number of tasks and how many have been completed.

11. To add more detail to a task, click on it to open the task side panel. Here you can add due dates, importance, notes and so on. To learn more about the side panel, click here.

12. In the side panel, you will see both the Mind Map and Task Board that the task belongs in. To visit the Task Board, click on the location icon next to it.

13. You will be taken straight to the Task Board and the category that the task belongs in.

Adding existing tasks to your branches 

1. Go to the task tab within the branch editor. Once there, click on the 3 vertical dots to the right.

2. In the bottom left-hand corner click on the magnifying glass.

3. Enter the text for a task you are trying to find and you should see a list of results. 

4. Select the task you would like to add and click 'Add task'.

5. That task along with all it's information will be added to the branch.

Sending multiple branches to a Task Board

1.  Select the branches you want to send using the multi-select tool. For more information on this tool, click here.

2.  Once the branches are selected, click the Task board icon in the multi-select toolbar. Choose a Task Board to send the tasks to from the drop-down menu.

3.  Then choose a category for the tasks to be added to, or leave this blank.

4.  When done, click 'send'.

5. You will see the task icons on your map indicating a task has been added to those branches.

6.  Click on the task within the branch editor to open the task side panel.

7.  In the task side panel, click on the location icon next to the Task Board. 

8. You will then be taken to the Task in the Task Board.