There are a few ways you can re-position your branches to get them in the right place. It's likely things will chop and change when brainstorming ideas and this is the ideal space to do it in. 

  • Drag and Drop - Simply click on a branch and drag and drop it into a new area on your map. This is not limited to the central idea, you can drag and drop a branch onto any other branch in your map.
  • Copy and Paste
  • Cut and Paste 



- If you move a parent branch, its children are going with it!

- You can copy, cut, and paste branches between maps for the current session, so you need to switch between maps in the same browser window.

- In order to also copy links and images on a branch, you will need to cut and paste. Copying and pasting a branch will not copy over images or links. 

Drag and drop branches

Drag the branch you want to move by clicking it and holding the mouse.

When you hover over a branch you will see "Add as child branch". Release the mouse over the branch that you want to drag it to.

If a parent branch is dragged and dropped it's child branches will be dragged with it.

Copy, Cut, and Paste

1. Click on a branch to bring out the menu. 

2. Once open, choose the 3-dot icon to open the extra options, where Copy, Cut, and Paste options are listed:

3. Shortcut it - You can also copy, cut and paste branches using short-cuts.