There are a few ways you can re-position your branches to get them in the right place. Its likely things will chop and change when brainstorming ideas and this is the ideal space to do it in. 

1. Drag and Drop - Simply click on a branch and drag and drop it into a new area on your map. This is not limited to the central idea, you can drag and drop a branch onto any other branch in your map. 



- If you move a parent branch, it's children are going with it!

- When dragging a map around, look out for the dot near your cursor - this will indicate where your branch will be placed on the canvas and what branch it will come off 

2. Copy, Cut and Paste - Click on a branch and select the pencil icon to bring out the menu. Once open, select the 3 dots from the menu toolbar. If you want to move this branch completely, select the 'cut' option. You can 'Undo' if you change your mind but after a couple of seconds the branch will disappear. If you want the branch to stay put and appear elsewhere, choose the 'copy' option instead. Then, to add to another branch simply follow the same steps as before but choose 'paste'.

3. Shortcut it - You can also move branches around using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + up/down arrow key. First go the branch, perform this shortcut and it will swap places with the branch either above or below it.