We know that the planning stages of any development or project can be crucial, so as a member of Ayoa Business you’re able to export your Task Boards into iMindMap. Mind Mapping software such as iMindMap 11 will allow you to go back to the drawing board and further develop your ideas so you can reach a well-thought out plan of action before exporting your actionable ‘must dos’ back into Ayoa. You now have the ability to transfer your Ayoa Task Boards to iMindMap 11, enabling a visual experience for all members of the team.

Getting Started:

1. To export your Ayoa Task Board into iMindMap 11, first open your the board you want to export.

2. Select the blue COG icon from the tool bar to access the Task Board settings.

3. This will bring up a pop-up window. Within the window, select the ‘Export Task Board,’ icon situated in the bottom left hand corner. After selecting ‘Export Task Board,’ you will be re-directed to a new page.

4. Once you have been redirected, simply choose which Task Board you would export to iMindMap 11 and click EXPORT.

5. Once you're happy with your choice, select Export Task Board. This will export your Task Board as an IMX file that can be opened in iMindMap 11.

6. Once you have opened the exported .imx file, your Ayoa Task Board will then appear as a Mind Map within iMindMap 11.