Ayoa Trial FAQ

How do I sign up for a trial?

You can up for a trial by clicking here. You will be prompted to sign up for an account.

How long is your trial?

We offer a 7 day free trial for anyone to test Ayoa.

Can my team have a trial?

Yes, when you sign up for a trial you can choose the team size that you are interested in purchasing. You can then invite people to that team trial so you can fully test the collaborative features of Ayoa.

Do I need to provide any payment information to start the trial?

No, you are not required to provide any payment information in order to use the trial.

What devices can I use during the 7 day free trial?

 Once you've set up a free trial on your account you can use it log into any of the supported Ayoa apps including iPhone, iPad and Android. 

What happens if I upgrade during my 7-day free trial?

You will have full access to Ayoa as you upgrade and the upgrade will be seamless. All of your data will remain as secure as always and you will now have access to Ayoa’s full feature set for the duration length and number of users you selected when purchasing your Ayoa plan.

Do I need to upgrade everyone?

When you upgrade from a trial to a paid Ayoa account your trial ends immediately and you can begin using Ayoa without limitations instantly. Any free trial users that you collaborate with will be able to keep their Ayoa account provided you have purchased a plan which fits all the users you wish to collaborate with. We offer a range of discounted team plans if you’re looking to purchase and manage multiple licenses under one account, to collaborate seamlessly.