Celebrate completed tasks with Achievements for each new Milestone you hit. From your first 5 completed tasks, to 15, 25 and beyond, you will be congratulated with new achievements to keep you motivated. Your Achievements can even be shared on Facebook or Twitter to share your productivity successes with others.


1. To receive your first Achievement you will need to complete 5 tasks.

2. To complete a task, open the task to see the task information.

3. Then drag the progress bar to 100%.

4. Once you’ve completed 5 tasks you will receive a notification congratulating you on your achievement.

5. To share your Achievement on social media, click on the Facebook or Twitter icon. None of your task information or attachments will be shared, allowing you to share your Achievement without sharing your Task Board information.

6. If you would prefer not to receive Achievement notifications, you can turn this off by ticking "Don't show completed achievements again" in the Achievement notification pop up, situated under the social media sharing options.

Viewing your current Task Achievement

1. To view your current Task Achievement, simply go to Menu within the top right hand corner of the screen.

2. Once open, click on 'Achievements' situated in the middle of the Menu.

3. Your current task Achievement will then appear, indicating to you how many tasks you've completed. You will also be given the option to share your productivity milestone on Facebook and Twitter.