Creating Categories

Tasks can be grouped within Categories to maintain organization.

To create a new Category on your Canvas:

1. Click and drag from the  CATEGORY icon situated in the top toolbar, and 'drop' onto the CANVAS.

2. A new window will then appear. You will be asked to give your Category a name as well as a color. Categories can be anything from 'Emails' and 'Phone Calls' to 'Stage 1''Marketing' or 'Logistics'. Once you're happy, hit Add.

3. A large circle will then appear on your canvas, and may be moved and positioned via drag and drop.


4. By hovering over your Category you will have the choice of three options:


EDIT: This will allow you to change the category Name and Color.

MOVE: Re-position your category circle anywhere on the canvas.

COLLAPSE: The category will shrink down, hiding its contents and bringing better focus to what's important to you.

Viewing Categories in the Canvas View:

1. Click on the CATEGORIES button situated in the top right hand corner of the Canvas.

2. A list of Categories will then appear beside corresponding colored circles. To go to your Category, simply click on the title of the Category that you would like to view.

3. You will then be taken straight to your Category on the Canvas.