Creating Tasks


Tasks are represented as colorful, interactive circles and can be created for anything that you need to do, from 'Pick up milk' to 'Create Sales Report'.

To Create a New Task:

1. Click on TASK situated at the top left hand corner, and drag and drop it onto the Canvas.

2. Here, you will be asked to type and enter your task name.

3. When you create a task, you will automatically be assigned to it by default, shown by your avatar to right of the task name box. To turn this off, click on your avatar to bring down a drop-down menu and simply un-tick the 'Assign me to tasks by default' option, situated at the bottom. This will remove you as an assignee from this task and any other new tasks that you make.  To remove yourself as an assignee from this task only, simply click 'Unassigned' at the top of the menu.

4. To assign the task to another member within the Task Board simply choose them from the drop-down menu.