Adding members to a Team Account

When you purchase an Ayoa team subscription, you are able to distribute licences to colleagues, family and friends in an instant. To get your team setup on your subscription plan, you'll need to login to your Ayoa account and then click the link below:

Once your account preferences have loaded, select the Team tab from the left menu. From here, you will be able to add members to your team.

When you add a member to your team they will receive an email informing them of the invite. Users who receive an invite will get the option to choose to accept or reject the invitation.

Adding users with an existing subscription

If a user has an active subscription set up when a team invite is accepted, the subscription will be cancelled. Any unused subscription time on the account will be transferred to the team account and will be divided down based on the number of users within the team. The user will not be billed again and refunds will not be available. If you have any questions, then please get in touch here