Transferring a Task Board

As time progresses and Task Boards develop, the members of a Task Board can sometimes change. You may find that you are no longer required to work on a Task Board that you created, and therefore you may need to transfer the ownership of the Task Board to another team member in that board.

1. If you wish to transfer ownership of a Task Board that you have created, first ensure that the person you wish to transfer to is a member of that board. If they aren't you can invite them. Once this is done, click on your avatar situated in the top left-hand corner of the app.

2. Once there, at the bottom of the menu click on the Settings, then Account Settings.

3. Once there, click on Task Boards, which can be found under Ayoa Settings.

4. You will have the option to Transfer or to Export your Task Board. If the transfer option is grayed out, this means that you are the only member of this Task Board. You can only transfer boards to team members already invited to that board. If the option is not available at all, this means that you are not the admin or the creator of that Task Board.

5. Click on TRANSFER next to the Task Board that you would like to Transfer.


6. When you select the 'Transfer Task Board' option, you will be given a choice of who to transfer your board to. Once you have selected the user who you wish to transfer the Task Board to, hit ‘Request Transfer'.

7. You will be asked to confirm that you want to transfer the Task Board to the selected user. Hit 'OK' to continue. Your Task Board will then be transferred to your chosen member.


8. The user you have chosen to transfer the Task Board to will be notified within the app and they will need to 'Accept' the transfer for the board to successfully be transferred.