Show your appreciation for the hard work of your colleagues with the all-new Congratulations feature. Whenever a task you have delegated or have been working on with other team members has been completed, you’ll receive a notification, giving you the opportunity to send an instant Congratulations to the person who completed it, to keep everyone in your team motivated.

Sending Congratulations to Team Members

You can congratulate a team member for completing a task that you share with them or task that you assigned to them. For more information about assigning members of your team to a task please click here.

1. On a task, an assigned member of the task can complete it by sliding the Progress Percentage or by tapping the tick icon.

 2. Once complete, tap on “Send Congrats” to send a notification to the other team members.

4. If you are assigned to the task you will see the congratulatory confetti. Other assigned members will view when opening the task.