Cover Images

A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why uploading a Cover Image to each of your tasks will not only add a personal touch to each of your Task Board, but will act as a visual reminder of what needs to be done and will enable you to identify Tasks in an instant.

To add a Cover Image

1. Select the Task that you wish to add a Cover Image to, to open the Task Sidebar.

2. At the top of the Task Sidebar, you'll see an option to 'Add Cover Image' - represented by a LANDSCAPE picture icon. Tap this icon to select your image.

3. After you have chosen your image the SET COVER IMAGE window will open, allowing you to crop and scale your cover image as you wish. Once you have customized your image, select DONE to upload your chosen image to the Task.

4. The cover image will now be visible at the top of the task sidebar and as the background of the task circle/ block task when viewing them within a task board.

5. You can edit or remove a Cover Image at any time. Simply tap the Task with the image that you wish to remove by selecting the LANDSCAPE icon. You'll then have the option to CHANGE COVER IMAGE or REMOVE COVER IMAGE. Depending on whether you have chosen to hide or show the task name, you'll also see an option to HIDE TASK NAME ON CIRCLES.

6. By tapping CHANGE IMAGE will open the original pop-up you used to choose the image. Clicking REMOVE will instantly remove your image from the Task.