Creating a Task Board

Task Boards are flexible and can be created for anything - from work-related tasks to planning an upcoming vacation. To begin with, you can keep things simple and think about the tasks that you have to do today, tomorrow and over the course of the next week.

To Create a Task Board

1. Select the MENU option in the top left corner (this is where you'll find a list of your projects as well as other useful features and settings).

2. When the menu opens, select + New Task Board under the 'Task Board' section.

3. A pop-up will then appear. Enter the NAME of your Task Board. (For example, 'Work', 'Grand Opening', 'Building Renovation', 'Errands' etc.) And then tap the + icon to add any Task Board members.

4. Select DONE once you've chosen your members and when you're happy to proceed.

5. As your Task Board is created, you will be taken to the Task Board view so you can start adding your tasks and categories.