Creating Tasks


Tasks are represented as colourful, interactive circles and can be created for anything that you need to do, from 'Pick up Milk' to 'Create Sales Report'.

To Create a New Task:

1. To create a new Task, tap on the Task Board that you would like to add to.

2. To quickly add a task, tap on the workflow or canvas, type the task name then tap done.

3. To create a task and add more details, tap on the + icon to proceed. You will then be given the option to create a new Task or Category. Select the New Task option, situated next to the Tick icon.

4. You will then have the option to give your Task a Name, Assign Task Members and to select a Start and Due Date.

5. To save your Task and to add it to your Task Board, tap Done to complete the process. Your new Task will then appear on your Workflow board along with your remaining Tasks.