Due Dates


When you select a task, a sidebar will immediately open. From within the task sidebar you can add several details to your task, including a Due Date so you can begin to organize your schedule.

To a Due Date

1. Select the task that you would like to set a Due Date for.

2. When the sidebar is open, tap DUE, situated next to the calendar icon. A date picker will open. From here, select the Due Date that you would like to apply and hit Save to complete the process.

3. Your dates will be visually represented above the task, and will turn red if it falls overdue.

Due Date Reminders

Ensure you stay on top of your deadlines by adding Start and Due Date reminders to your tasks.

1. To add a Due Date reminder, click on "Add reminder" located underneath the Due Date you wish to add a reminder for.

2. If your Due Date does not have a time assigned, your reminder will be set to 9am the day before the Start or Due Date.

3. If your Due Date does have a time applied, you can choose to be notified minutes, hours or days ahead by clicking on "Minute" to open a drop-down menu. Click on the unit of time you would prefer to apply the change. Then click on the number next to the measurement of time to specify exactly when you would prefer the reminder to be sent.


4. Your reminders will now be applied. You can adjust these at any time.