Task Importance

Tasks may be prioritized by setting various levels of importance, which are represented by different colored Flags. By selecting either a normal, high or very high importance level, regain full control over prioritization and ensure that a task never flies under the radar.

Adding an Importance Level:

1. To add an importance level to a task, simply tap on your chosen task. Once selected, the task details will open.

2. Within the task details, tap an Importance icon, situated under the progress bar. You will have a choice of 3 levels of importance. Each level of importance has a different colored flag attached to it.

The 3 colors indicate a level of importance:

  • Grey= Normal Importance
  • Amber= High Importance
  • Red= Very High Importance

3. When you're ready, select the appropriate importance level for your task.

4. Once selected, a Flag icon will appear on the task circle, making identifying important tasks on the Canvas and Workflow a breeze. Tasks may be filtered according to levels of importance by using the Filter feature here.

5. You have the choice to filter which tasks you see on the Canvas. To filter important tasks, select the filter icon at the bottom left hand corner of the screen. To learn more about filtering tasks, click here.