User Preferences

Your User Preferences allow you to access, edit and manage various Account Settings, including your Password, Email Address, Email Preferences and subscription. Within your User Preferences you'll also be able to manage various settings such as Tags, Contacts and Integrations.

To Manage your Preferences

1. Tap your avatar to open the menu, situated in the top-left corner of the app.

2. When the menu opens hit the COG icon to continue.

3. A new user preferences window will open. You'll notice a number of tabs on the left-hand side which are categorized into ACCOUNT SETTINGS and AYOA SETTINGS.

4. Under ACCOUNT SETTINGS you'll be able to update information such as your user details, email, and avatar image.

5. Under AYOA SETTINGS you’ll be able to manage things such as Tags and Contacts, and you'll be able to learn more about the other services that Ayoa integrates with. You will also find your unique Email 2 Task email address in this section.

6. In the Subscription tab you can view your account details, manage and update your subscription, and view your billing history.