Adding Cover Images to Box Branches:

When using the Box Map, Direction Map, Line Map or Gradient styles images are added within the text box. 

  1. Click on the branch you would like to add an image to.

  1. Click on the paint brush icon icon to bring out the menu. then, select the paintbrush icon in the toolbar to go to branch formatting.

3. Select 'image' from the options.

4. You can choose to add an ‘image file’ from your computer or you can choose to ‘search web’.

5. To add an image from your computer, click 'Image File’. This will then open a new window prompting you to drag and drop or click to add an image from your computer.

6.  You can then choose what section of the cover image you would like to show on your branch. Click 'Set Cover Image' when done.

7. Alternatively, if you choose the ‘search web’ option, you will then be prompted to type in a keyword. Click ‘Search’ or hit Enter on your keyboard when done. You will see a list of stock images appear based on your search entry.

8. Once selected the cover image will be added to your branch and in the menu.

9. If you have an image that speaks volumes, then you may want to hide the text on your branch. Select the ‘Hide Text’ option from the formatting menu and this will remove the text from the branch.

10. The title will remain in the menu and you can toggle this at any time. Tip: change the shape of your branch or make it bigger so more of the image shows!

Adding Images in the Organic Style

When you add an image in the Organic mind mapping style the image is added on the canvas next to the branch.

1.  Select the branch and click on the paint brush icon to open the formatting settings.

2. Click on "Image".

3. Choose to either upload your own image from your device or click search web to find a royalty free image.

4. Search for and select your image.

5. The image will now be added next to the branch

6. Click and drag the image to re-position it.

7. Use the blue icons at the corner of the image to make it bigger or smaller.

8. Use the green arrows to rotate your image.