To Create Your First Mind Map:

 Tap on the Mind Maps tab in the top toolbar.

Tap the blue button: 'create your first mind map'

A pop-up window will appear for you to enter the name of your map. This will become your central idea. 

You can also add members to your map here. Tap the + icon next to members. You can add people via email or choose from your existing contacts.

You will provided with two options to create your mind map in a box branch style or an organic style. The box branch style is a professional looking and designed to get information down fast. The organic mind map style allows for more creative maps in a hand drawn style. You can switch styles at any time. If you have a preferred style click "Don't ask me again". The style you then pick will be the style automatically chosen each time you create a new mind map. 

Once finished, tap 'done'.

You will then be taken to your brand new mind map with the central idea appearing in the middle of the screen. 

Tap on the paint brush icon to open the formatting tools. Here, you can edit the shape and color of the central idea, choosing to add an image if you wish. You can learn more about formatting here.

 As well as being able to add your own image, we have a selection of illustrated central ideas for you to choose from called stickers. Click on the "Sticker Tab" to view these. 

 Click on your chosen sticker, then when you are happy with your choice click "Start Mind Mapping". 

9. The name of your map does not have to match the title of your central idea, so feel free to change this. To change the central idea text, double click on the text to bring up the text editor. 

10. The text editor will allow you to change the color, size and styling of the text. Highlight the text to change specific sections.

Once done, tap enter.

To Create another Mind Map:

1. Tap on the Mind Maps tab

2. Then, in the grey toolbar underneath, tap the + folder icon 

3. A new window will appear for you to enter the name of your map and add members to it. Tap 'done' when finished.