To create a New Mind Map:

1.  Go to the main menu, then tap "Mind Maps".

2. This will open the Mind Map Browser. Tap the blue + icon to create a new mind map.

3.  A pop-up window will appear for you to enter the name of your map. This will become your central idea.

You can also add members to your map by entering their email address or by selecting them from the drop-down. To learn more about inviting members to your maps, click here

Once done, tap ‘Done’.

4.  You will then be taken to your brand new mind map with the central idea appearing in the middle of the screen. 

5. The name of your map does not have to match the title of your central idea, so feel free to change this. To change the central idea text, tap on it to bring up the pencil and emoji icons. Tap on the pencil icon to bring up the branch editor. 

Under ‘Title’, type out something new and tap ‘Save Changes’ to update. 

Or, simply double tap on the central idea, and type a new title.  


6.  To edit the shape and color of the central idea tap on the pencil icon to open the branch editor, then tap on the paint brush icon, choosing to add an image if you wish. You can learn more about formatting hereTo learn more about adding cover images, click here.

7. Tap on the canvas to view your updated central idea.