To Add a Comment to a Branch

Adding comments to your branches will allow you to discuss ideas in further detail, progressing their development and connecting people closer together in the ideas stage of a project. Using comments, you can ask questions, give feedback, or simply show your appreciation for a great idea.

  1. First select the branch and tap on the pencil icon to bring out the branch editor.

  1. Navigate to the comments tab by tapping on the speech bubble. Type your comment into the text box. To add an emoji, tap the emoji icon to the right hand side.

  1.  To send a comment to someone in particular, mention their name using the ‘@’ symbol. Hit send when done. Your comment will appear in the box above.

  1. As more members of the map comment on a branch, they will show one after the other.

5. Tap on your sent comment and tap the trashcan icon if you wish to delete. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm your decision.

6. Add a reaction to someone’s comment by tapping on the message, and tapping the emoji icon. Choose your emoji from the pop-up window.