Relationship arrows allow connections to be made between two ideas that share similarities on your map.

To create an arrow:

1. Open the multi-select tool by going to the mind map settings and choosing "Multi-select" from the menu options.

2. Tap on two branches, then choose the relationship icon from the blue toolbar

3. Your arrow will then be drawn between the two branches you have selected.

To edit the relationship arrow:

1. Tap on the arrow to to bring up the toolbar.

2. Then, tap on the paintbrush icon to open the relationship arrow edit options. In the first tab you can add a description to your arrow. This could explain the connection you see between the two ideas. 

Once the note is added, the note icon will be then shown on the relationship arrow.

3. Select the paintbrush tab in the menu to open the formatting options. You can change the way the arrow looks, by editing its shape and color. 

4. Tap on the shape to see more shape options and tap the one you want. Tap on the color icon to see more color choices. 

5. Once you're happy with with your selection tap on the canvas to exit. 

6. To add an attachment, choose the paper-clip icon from the toolbar and choose the image or file.

7. To delete the the relationship arrow open the relationship arrow menu, tap the 3 dot menu, then tap delete.