To Add an Attachment to a Branch

1. First select the branch and tap on the paper clip icon to open the side panel.

2. Tap on the panel to browse your device for the file you wish to attach

3.  Once uploaded, the file will appear underneath.

4. This will be represented by a paperclip icon on the branch. Tap on the paper clip icon to go straight to the attachments tab in the branch editor.

5. To delete an attachment, simply tap the trashcan icon next to the attachment you want to delete.

6. You will then be asked to confirm your decision in a pop-up. Tap 'Yes, delete attachment'.

Adding Google Drive and Dropbox for the File App

On the latest iOS you can change your File preferences so that you can choose to browse your Google Drive or Dropbox files as easily as files saved to the iPhone. First, you will need to ensure that Dropbox and or Google Drive are installed on to your iPhone.

Then open the Files Folder.

Once the File Folder is open, tap Browse in the bottom right-hand corner.

In the top right corner of the Browse tab, tap the 3 dot menu, then choose "Edit".

Change the sliders next to Google Drive/ Dropbox to green.

Then tap Done.

Now when you choose to attach a file in Ayoa you will have the option to browse your Dropbox or Google Drive files.