To Add a Comment to a Branch

Adding comments to your branches will allow you to discuss ideas in further detail, progressing their development and connecting people closer together in the ideas stage of a project. Using comments, you can ask questions, give feedback, or simply show your appreciation for a great idea.

  1. First select the branch and tap on the comment icon ( speech buble) to open the side panel.

  1. Type your comment into the text box. To add an emoji, use the emoji option on your iPhone. 

  1.  To send a comment to someone in particular, mention their name using the ‘@’ symbol. Hit send when done. Your comment will appear in the box above.

  1. As more members of the map comment on a branch, they will show one after the other.

5. Tap the trashcan icon under your comment if you wish to delete it. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm your decision.

6. Add a reaction to someone’s comment by selecting the emoji icon. Choose your emoji from the pop-up window.