Multi select is a way of selecting multiple branches at once. This will allow you to make changes to more than one branch, saving time and improving efficiency. 

Using the multi-select feature on the iPad you can:

  • Create categories

  • Create relationship arrows

To use Multi-Select:

1. Tap on the settings icon in the right hand corner.

2. Choose "Multi-Select"  from the menu options. 

3. A blue bar will appear on the canvas, tap on the branches you want to select.

4. Once you have started selecting branches the blue menu will update with new options and blue circles will appear next to the branches you have selected. 

5.  Repeat this selection process until you have selected all the ideas you wish you make changes to.

7. When you begin using multi-select, a new toolbar will appear on your screen. In the below image, from left to right, you will see the icons for categories and relationship arrows.

8.  Only if you have selected 2 branches using multiple select will you see the relationship arrow option. If you have selected more, you will not see this option.