To Add Organic Branches to Your Map:

Using the Organic Mind Map style will allow you to create free form branches in the traditional style.    

 1. Tap on the central idea or a branch and a green + icon will appear. Tap on the green + icon.

2. Drag the green icon to create a branch, into a space on your map. The Organic branches can be placed any free space on the map and start from any point on the central idea. When your branch has appeared, type away and tap return when done..

3. Once the branch is created you can add a child branch by tapping on the green + icon at the end of the branch.

4.  You can add multiple child branches to the same parent branch. 

5. To edit the text, double tap on the text to bring up the text editor. The text will be automatically highlighted to allow you to make changes to the style. The text must be highlighted before changes will take effect. 

6. The text editor will allow you to change the style, size and color of the text, and add emojis. 

7. Tap back on the canvas to close the menu and view your changes.

Adding a Box Branches

1. When you tap on an organic branch, you will get the option to make a box branch. A box branch is where the text is contained within a box rather than along the branch.

2. Tap on the blue icon to add the box branch. A new box branch will appear. Type in your branch text and use the desired formatting options.

3. Tap enter to complete your branch.

Changing the Curve of Your Organic Branches

Once added to your map, you can manipulate the organic branch shape to exaggerate the curves.

1. Tap on an organic branch, avoiding the text, to activate the control points.

2.  Hold down on the control point and drag to move and distort the branch.

3. The branch will now have interesting curves.

4. If you would like to remove all the curves you have added, tap on the slider icon, then tap "Clean up" in the menu.

5. You will be asked to confirm the clean up. Once confirmed the clean up cannot be undone. 

6. This will automatically tidy up all your branches, creating equal space and removing changes made using control points. Please note, once Clean Up has been used it cannot be undone. The clean up tool is only available in the organic mind map style as box branches are automatically arranged.