With tasks spread across various projects, it can be hard to picture your overall deadlines together. Switch your Planner into a Gantt Timeline to easily visualize your upcoming deadlines from any project, so no deadline gets left forgotten.

Switching My Planner to Gantt Timeline View

1. Open your Planner from the Home Page by selecting "View Full Planner" under the "My Planner" Section.

2. This will open your planner. 

3. On the top toolbar on the right-hand side select "View Gantt Timeline".

4.  Your tasks will be arranged in a list under the headers "Now, Next and Soon".

5. If your tasks have both start and due dates, these will be automatically arranged across the timeline.

5. If the task just has either just a start date or just a due date, you will just see the task name on the timeline.  If the task does not have either a start or due date it will not be added to the timeline. 

6 To switch back to the Planner view, select "View Planner" at the top right-hand side of the page.